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Twitter has performed changes that result in TweetSuite not being able to function properly.
We have been working hard on a solution and we're glad to announce that it is now ready.

TweetSuite is now Channeling (, this new service
has familiar functionality like rotation (now called recurring queue), scheduling and
bulk uploading but some necessary adjustments to cope with the new reality.

We will expand to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
and also provide tools for cross-posting and tuning content using AI techniques.
We did have to adjust our pricing as access to Twitter has now been made a paid service
while it used to be free.

Apologies for the situation, but I sincerely hope you like the new direction with Channeling.
For any questions or assistance, please reach out to

What happens to my existing TweetSuite subscription?
A refund is made that is proportional to the time remaining on your subscription.
Please contact billing for any questions.

Are my accounts automatically moved to Channeling?
Please create a new account on
If you have a large number of tweets in your schedule or rotation, you can export them to a CSV file
and use the Spreadsheet Importer on Channeling to import them. We've made sure to make this as easy as possible.

You will continue to be able to login to your TweetSuite account and access your content, however no tweets will be processed.
If you'd like assistance with moving your account(s), feel free to reach out to

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