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Note: Spintax is currently only available in DM campaigns and auto DMs.

Direct messages (DM) are very prone to be seen as spam, especially when sent in bulk via a DM campaign.
With TweetSuite you can add a unique twist to each direct message that you send, lowering the odds of this happening.


Suppose you have this direct message, which you want to randomize a bit:

TweetSuite is incredibly powerful, now also supporting spintax!

It can be transformed into:

TweetSuite is [[incredibly powerful|amazing|a great tool]], now also supporting spintax!

This will create 3 different versions of the original message, with each variant having a 1/3th odd of being picked. It's that easy!

Nested spintax

You can also put spintax within spintax, something we call nesting. This will generate an even wider range of possibilities.

You can use spintax in DM campaigns and auto DMs.

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